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Ideas and products to make the most of your attic storage space.

Ideas and products to make the most of your attic storage space.

According to Home Storage Solutions 101, attics are a great place for storing certain types of items in your home that you don’t need to access too often.  Prime examples of such storage items include:

  • Seasonal and holiday decorations
  • Other seasonal items, such as summer camping gear, or winter sports equipment
  • Outgrown baby or kids’ stuff, to be used again when the next child is old enough

The organizing experts at Home Storage Solutions 101 offer great tips and ideas to consider when determining the types of attic storage solutions to employ in your home, which keep in mind both practical and safety concerns with storing items in this area.

See the full article here —>

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Experts share holiday storage & organizing tips.

Experts share holiday storage & organizing tips.

Did trips to your attic for holiday decorations leave you feeling less than jolly this year? Are you ready to do things differently so that next year will be a whole lot easier and less stressful?

AtticMaxx is sharing the Tools of the Trade that Professional Organizers use to tackle the most cluttered attics.  Armed with this info, you can pack your decorations away in an organized way so that when next Christmas rolls around, you’ll be ready to deck the halls with ease!

Holiday Storage Tools Checklist

  • Boxes and garbage bags for donating Christmas decorations  you no longer need, use or love
  • Sturdy, clear storage containers for protecting your holiday treasures
  • Tissue paper or shredded paper for wrapping fragile Christmas ornaments
  • A pad of paper to write down notes and inventory items
  • Masking tape and a Sharpie for labeling those storage containers
  • Sticky notes for identifying categories
  • Utility hooks for hanging items such as artificial wreaths and garlands
  • An MP3 player loaded with good tunes to keep you motivated!
  • And of course… AtticMaxx shelving to maximize your attic storage space

Once you’ve gathered up these tools,  roll up your sleeves and jump to “Christmas Storage Solutions and Holiday Organizing Ideas”, a detailed blog post from our friends at Home Storage Solutions 101, for tips on getting the job done right.

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Slide1New publication from Better Homes & Gardens offers practical tips guaranteed to help anyone organize their space 

Better Homes & Gardens new special “Storage” publication is out!  And it’s packed with what you need to make 2014 your most organized year yet.  AtticMaxx shelves are featured among a variety of cool and clever buyables in a section called, “Products: What to buy”.  So don’t put off getting organized because you don’t know where to start.  Pick up an issue this weekend at newsstands, booksellers, discount chains, and home centers nationwide, and get the tips you need to dive right into those organizing projects.  Decide to spend less time stressing about your space and more time living in it!

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Timer in Attic for Step Three of "Organize Your Attic" Challenge

Set a timer to speed up decision making

Have you hit a speedbump in your attic clean up?  Check your progress and consider some helpful strategies for overcoming obstacles and getting the job done. Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you putting off decisions on too many items? Revisit your rules to organize by, which we covered in Step One, and make sure you’re following them.
  • Are you making your way through the space at a realistic pace? If not, you might consider setting a timer and giving yourself 30 minutes or less per box to speed up decision making.
  • Are you seeing any trends in the items you’re having a harder time parting with? If so, spend some time considering why you’re having a hard time letting go. Ask yourself if a picture of certain items would be just as good as keeping the item itself.

This is also a good time to consider your definition of “treasures.” If items are truly of value to you, then honor them and incorporate them into your daily life rather than stash them in your attic. If they have less value than you once placed on them, and you don’t have a use for them in your current life, donate them or share them with a loved one.

Be aware of your stress level – are you feeling more relaxed by this process or less? If you feel your anxiety is growing as you go through certain boxes, consider asking a friend or loved one to help. Organizing as a team can be more fun and less stressful.

Attics can hold many memories and trigger some big emotions, so give yourself the time to feel what you need to feel. Pat yourself on the back for all you’ve accomplished and keep moving forward!

The finish line is definitely in sight!   Check in with us tomorrow as we share final tips for wrapping up your “Organize Your Attic” project with tools for maximizing your storage and keeping it in tip top shape.

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If you’ve done the prep work we suggested in Step One of our “Organize Your Attic” series, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started! Pick a spot near the entrance and work your way clockwise around the attic.Organize Your Attic Step Two Challenge

Be ruthless and thorough. Open each box and sort into one of the following categories:

“KEEP” for items appropriate for the attic such as:

  • Holiday décor you use each year
  • Off-season clothing you still regularly wear
  • Clothing or other items you plan to hand down to others someday
  • Furniture you plan to use again soon (wood doesn’t hold up well long term in the heat)
  • Archival paper you rarely need (e.g., old tax returns)
  • Luggage
  • Other seasonal items (e.g., coolers, beach gear, camping equipment)
  • Family heirlooms you use infrequently but treasure

“TRASH” or “RECYCLE” for items that are no longer useful or in functional condition for others such as:

  • Obsolete computer or electrical equipment
  • Paper you don’t need to keep for financial, legal or sentimental reasons
  • Clothing, furniture or heirlooms that are no longer in useful condition

“DONATE” or “SHARE” for  items that could be useful or functional to others such as:

  • Gently used clothing you haven’t worn for two or more years
  • “Treasures” you never use and keep just in case…
  • Furniture you’re keeping but do not plan to use

“MOVE ELSEWHERE” for items you want to keep but that do not belong in the attic due to the elements or to frequency of use such as:

  • Photos
  • Candles
  • Delicate or vintage fabrics
  • Books (Silverfish will have a feast!)
  • Sporting goods used year round

Once you determine the items you’re keeping, group “like with like” as natural categories emerge. Think of how often you access these items when deciding where to locate them in the attic, keeping frequently accessed items near the door.

WOW! You did it!  The heavy lifting is done! Remember to let us know if you’re on board with this attic organization project  by commenting below or speaking up on the AtticMaxx Facebook Page.

And join us next week for Step Three as we discuss working through the stress and emotions of letting go of the clutter in the attic.  Then, for Week Four, we wrap it all up for the “Big Reveal!”

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