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Slide1New publication from Better Homes & Gardens offers practical tips guaranteed to help anyone organize their space 

Better Homes & Gardens new special “Storage” publication is out!  And it’s packed with what you need to make 2014 your most organized year yet.  AtticMaxx shelves are featured among a variety of cool and clever buyables in a section called, “Products: What to buy”.  So don’t put off getting organized because you don’t know where to start.  Pick up an issue this weekend at newsstands, booksellers, discount chains, and home centers nationwide, and get the tips you need to dive right into those organizing projects.  Decide to spend less time stressing about your space and more time living in it!

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“The Psychology of Clutter” is a fascinating article in the current issue of Getting Organized magazine.  The article talks about the sizable increase in our homes over the past 30 years, the growth of self storage units and the trend that’s driving it all:  we’re simply purchasing more and discarding less. 

Cluttered Attic

Clearing clutter can help us attain a healthier lifestyle

The writer suggests that behind all the clutter and disorganization in our lives is a sense of insecurity – we buy things to suppress the uncomfortable feeling we get from not having what everyone else seems to have.  As things pile up, we become more disorganized and less productive.  The article says that we can free up energy currently being wasted on stuff that’s in the way, out of place, and not needed.

And who couldn’t use more energy?!  The writer concludes that clearing our environment of clutter and sorting through the accumulated mess around us will help us attain a healthier lifestyle.

AtticMaxx is a proud sponsor of Getting Organized magazine.  At the end of the article, look for our new ad, and tell us what you think about the ad and/or the article.  You can comment below or on our Facebook page.

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