What is the AtticMaxx Shelving System?

The AtticMax™ Shelving System is a new, first-of-its-kind organization product that maximizes empty, often wasted space between attic trusses.  The shelves attach to your existing truss system, install in minutes and provide easy access to stored items.  No more stacking and unstacking teetering towers of storage containers or crushed boxes.  AtticMaxx helps free up valuable living space and closets from clutter, and is ideal for storing holiday and seasonal items.

The shelves are also available in a special size for mounting on unfinished walls of garages, basements, bonus rooms and outbuildings.

What’s included in the System?

Included in the AtticMaxx Shelving System is a series of shelving units specially designed for mounting between your existing attic trusses. Each shelving unit includes a 22” x 22” wooden shelf, a pre-attached metal bracket and two pre-attached straps.  Smaller shelving units are also available for mounting on unfinished walls of garages, basements, bonus rooms and outbuildings.

Why the straps?  Why not a bracket?

Attic trusses are usually built to the standard of 24 inches on center.  So, the 22-inch-wide shelf fits between virtually all attic trusses.  However, the angles of the trusses vary widely from house to house –that’s the key.  Therefore, the adjustable straps on the back of the shelf allow homeowners the flexibility to level the shelf based upon the angle of their specific trusses and the pitch of their roof.

Are storage containers included with the AtticMaxx Shelving System?

 Storage containers are NOT included with the AtticMaxx Shelving System.

How is AtticMaxx installed?

Grab a screwdriver and follow three simple steps to begin organizing your attic storage:

1) Position the shelf at any height between your two existing trusses.

2) Secure the metal bracket with a screw on each side.

3) Secure straps with a screw on each side.

Place most any size storage container or box (not included) up to 50 lbs on the shelves.

See for yourself how quick and easy it is to install a shelving unit.  Watch a short 1 minute 40 second installation VIDEO  by clicking here:  Simple. Installation. VIDEO.  Or watch a video review of AtticMaxx by popular blogger Do It On a Dime by clicking here:  Do It On A Dime Video Review of AtticMaxx.

What does the AtticMaxx Shelving System cost?

The AtticMaxx Shelving System is packaged in sets of 8 (eight) shelving units for $169.99 per set.

What are the key benefits of the System?

  • Simple.  Storage.
  • Simple.  Installation.
  • Versatile.  Storage.
  • Makes the most of attic space
  • Provides easy access to stored items
  • Frees valuable living and closet space
  • Reduces the stress of disorganization
  • Eliminates clutter
  • Offers versatility to work around attic
  • Costs less than storage units outside the home
  • Is ideal for storing holiday and seasonal items
  • Adds value to your home as extra storage, or goes with you to your next home!

What is an attic truss?  
A truss is the triangular wooden structure used to support the roof, typically allowing for cathedral ceilings. An attic truss system is a support system for your roof that is made up of many triangular sections. Attics with this type of support system usually have many supports running in the same direction all across the attic creating a very uniform support system. There are many benefits of an attic truss system, but a common complaint among homeowners is that it doesn’t allow for much attic storage space. However, the AtticMaxx Shelving System changes that.

What is blown-in insulation?
Blown-in insulation is literally that — insulation material “blown in” to its place. It is not attached or adhered to any type of backing material and is light and fluffy. This type of insulation is generally installed to a point several inches above the bottom truss board (see explaination of “truss” above) that sits on the attic flooring. If you look across your attic and see what looks like clouds at the attic floor level you probably have blown-in insulation. At the very least you have insulation above your attic floor joists that you do not want to disturb.

What size storage containers will fit on the AtticMaxx shelf units?
As long as the width of the storage tote is 22″ or less, it will fit on the AtticMaxx shelf unit. If the storage tote is longer than the shelf it will work just fine to let it hang over the edges of the shelf. A properly installed AtticMaxx shelf unit can hold a storage container or box up to 50 lbs.  Storage containers are not included with the AtticMaxx Shelving System.

How much weight can an individual AtticMaxx shelf unit hold?
A properly installed shelf unit can hold up to 50 lbs.

How much weight can I add to my trusses?
You have to use good judgment when adding weight in your attic. There are different kinds of trusses, some of which are designed for storage and some of which are not. However, all trusses are designed to be able to hold an additional 200 lbs at any given point. Keep in mind that each AtticMaxx shelf unit is distributing the weight across two trusses, and you will want to distribute weight evenly in your attic. The AtticMaxx Shelving System is not designed for storage of heavy items such as totes or boxes filled with books and/or papers. If you have additional concerns or questions we encourage you to consult a professional in your area.

Can I stack more than one storage container or box on an AtticMaxx shelf unit?
You can stack more than one storage container or box on an AtticMaxx shelf unit as long as the total weight does not exceed 50 lbs. However, the AtticMaxx Selving System is designed for one storage tote or box per shelf unit to allow for ultimate accessibility and organization.

Can I put screws through the metal part of my trusses?
No, you should always screw the AtticMaxx shelf unit straps and metal bracket directly into the wood surface of the truss.

Can I use the AtticMaxx Shelving System in other parts of my house?
Yes, the AtticMaxx shelf units are very versatile. While they can be attached to any truss system, they can also be turned around and attached to any unfinished wall (see images of wall-mounted shelves in the shopping area and the photo gallery of the AtticMaxx website.  The AtticMaxx Shelving System is great for unfinished walls in basements, garages, bonus rooms and outbuildings.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account and don’t want to set one up? Can I pay another way?
You can use PayPal without setting up or using a PayPal account — it works like any other standard online shopping checkout process. Once you are on the PayPal page, simply look for the option to check out as a guest.

What if I have a problem with my order?
The AtticMaxx Shelving System comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your order, simply email CustomerSupport@AtticMaxx.com or call 650.870.6556 within 90 days of receipt of the product, and we will help you exchange your product or return your product for a full refund (excluding shipping and handling).

Whom can I contact for help?
If you have any additional questions please contact CustomerSupport@AtticMaxx.com.

What if the AtticMaxx shelf unit won’t fit between my trusses?
In some rare cases a truss may be so far off center that the AtticMaxx shelf unit won’t fit between two trusses. We recommend you just try another pair of trusses in your attic and you should find that the AtticMaxx shelf units will fit everywhere else.

Can I move boards out of my way?
It is recommended that you do not remove or move any boards that are connected to your trusses. The AtticMaxx Shelving System is versatile enough that you should be able to work around any obstacles. Tip: Consider adjusting the height of the shelf and/or using a different size storage tote to store items on the shelf.

What if electrical wires are on the side of the truss where I want to hang my shelves?
Your AtticMaxx shelf units should never touch electrical wires, plumbing, or heating and air equipment. If you absolutely feel the need to relocate any electrical wires, plumbing, or heating and air equipment, we recommend you call a professional.

Can I move insulation out of my way?
Your AtticMaxx Shelving System is designed to be installed at any level so you can hang your shelf units above your insulation levels. We recommend you do not remove, move or compress any insulation. The more insulation your home has, the better.


“…(We) highly recommend this product if you need more space and organization in your attic...”
“…Now we have space to walk without stumbling over bins, and everything is accessible….”
“…What a huge difference!”

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