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As the calendar flips from 2012 to 2013, many of us find ourselves un-decking the halls AND pledging to be more organized this year. Why not make 2013 your most organized year yet, and start from the top down —  in the attic, where most of us store our holiday decorations?

January is Get Organized! Month

January is Get Organized! Month

To make it easier on you, we’re offering a special promotion for Get Organized Month in January:  This month only, get 13% off AtticMaxx Truss Shelves and FREE shipping!  And if that isn’t enough to incentivize you to organize your attic, remember that with every order totaling more than $200, you’ll get a FREE e-subscription to Getting Organized Magazine,  AND a FREE e-book “Get Organized; Get Revitalized”.  We hope these tools will give you that extra boost to create and maintain your new, orderly home in the New Year.

Also, stay tuned for great tips on helping you break down your attic attack into smaller steps so that it’s not such an overwhelming task.  We’ll suggest well-defined milestones that you can manage in short bursts or in one dedicated day—you decide!

Here’s an overview of our upcoming series of blog posts to help you tame that attic clutter throughout January:

  • Step One: Take Stock, Set Rules and Gather Supplies
  • Step Two: The What, When and Where of Getting The Job Done
  • Step Three: Working Through the Stress and Emotions of Letting Go of the Clutter
  • Step Four: Find What You Need, When You Need It, And Make It Last!

Along the way, we’d love to hear about your progress.  Send us before and after pics, comment below or post a comment on the AtticMaxx Facebook Page. We’ll be here to cheer you on throughout the project!

It’s all part of celebrating January as Get Organized Month.  For more information, check out the National Association of Professional Organizers website.

Happy New Year and best wishes for making every space count in 2013!

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AtticMaxx Pre-Holiday Special

Anyone who works in the attic deserves a manicure

AtticMaxx Pre-Holiday Special

Did disorganization steal some of your joy in decking the halls last year?  If cluttered holiday storage in the attic was part of the problem, we can help.

The best time to install attic shelving is when the attic is EMPTY of all those holiday decorations.  So plan ahead to get those teetering towers of storage bins off the floor and onto shelves for easy access all year long!  Order AtticMaxx shelves before 6 pm ET on Monday, November 19, 2012 for guaranteed delivery during the long Thanksgiving weekend. 

And, in our opinion, anyone who works in the attic deserves a manicure.  So here are our pre-holiday specials through November 30, 2012:

  • Spend $100 on AtticMaxx products and get a $15 gift card for a holiday manicure at a salon near you
  • Spend $200 and get the manicure, plus a FREE one-year online subscription to the  Getting Organized Magazine  AND, as a special bonus, receive a FREE e-book: Get Organized: Get Revitalized.   The e-book contains 80 quick and easy tips to help jump start any organizing process — it is fun and easy to read and full of helpful pictures 

As you prepare for and celebrate the holidays, enjoy our funny twist on the holiday classic ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Our version is called, “‘Twas the Day After Thanksgiving:  A Decorating Tale by AtticMaxx“. 

Let the decorating commence!

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AtticMaxx is all about simplifying the organizing process, something the folks at Getting Organized Magazine have taken to heart. People determined to get and stay organized will love this new publication!

Getting Organized is focused on you, your stuff and how to live harmoniously with it. Written and edited by professional organizers, each issue features practical tips on how to start and finish getting organized. Ideas like:

  • corralling everything from children’s artwork to junk mail and bills
  • taming those piles of paper
  • keeping your home or work office space tidy

For a limited time, spend $200 with AtticMaxx via our AtticMaxx Order page and receive a free year’s e-subscription to “Getting Organized” to give you that extra boost for your new, orderly home.

Check out the Getting Organized preview issue and let us know what you think!

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The AtticMaxx™ Shelving System is available at discounted rates now through January 31, 2012 in honor of “Get Organized” Month. Prices start at $39.95 for a set of two pre-cut, pre-assembled AtticMaxx truss shelves, and $154.95 for a set of eight. Smaller shelves for unfinished walls ideal for garages, outbuildings and attics and a do-it-yourself hardware kit are  also available at discounted prices. Visit the AtticMaxx Order page today to order the “get organized” product that will help you maximize your storage space.

Free installation is also available exclusively for customers in the Raleigh, NC area (where AtticMaxx LLC is based) who place orders by January 31, 2012.  Call 1-855-766-3855 or write to to schedule your attic assessment.

“GO Month” Special for NAPO Members

In addition to the discounted rates available to all, AtticMaxx is offering an additional 10% off all products to members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). Please send an email to to request the password for the NAPO-members-only section of the website.

Since January is also the time of year when many of us are making frequent trips to our attics to return holiday décor, AtticMaxx is currently running an “Organize Your Attic” Challenge blog series. Each week in January, AtticMaxx is sharing tips and encouragement on organizing your attic and making the most of your attic storage space. This week’s post, Step Three, is about working through the stress and emotions of organizing an attic full of memories.

About NAPO’s “Get Organized” Month

The National Organization of Professional Organizers has designated January as “Get Organized” Month for eight straight years. GO Month is dedicated  to raising the awareness of the benefits of being organized and of hiring a professional organizer as we begin the new year.

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AtticMaxx is having a holiday sale and offering FREE shipping!  See our ORDER page for a complete product listing with holiday prices. 

Don’t waste time stacking and unstacking boxes to get to the decorations you want — organize your attic storage today!  It’s simple.

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