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See a video review of AtticMaxx

See a video review of AtticMaxx

Do It On A Dime blogger Kathryn says, “I’m passionate about living beautifully and organized on a budget.   I’m a wife, mom, and teacher living for Jesus and within my means.”  Kathryn recently did an independent review of the AtticMaxx Shelving System for her Do It On A Dime blog and Do It On A Dime YouTube channel.   Check them out!  Bonus video footage:  Best toddler attic dance party ever!

This giveaway is over, but stay tuned for more promotions.

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Organize Your Attic with AtticMaxx Shelving System

AtticMaxx Shelving System maximizes attic storage space.

A 3-day weekend can be an ideal time to tackle a home organization project. In fact, if you put your mind to it, you can get the job done on Days 1 and 2 and still have time to relax and celebrate on Day 3!

Order the AtticMaxx Shelving System by 2pm EDT on Tuesday, August 28th and you can have all the supplies you need for installing attic shelves that make the most of typically unused storage space between attic trusses.

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Click HERE to access the  installation instructions that are included in the AtticMaxx Shelving System package.

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See for yourself how simple and quick it is to install an AtticMaxx shelf!

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“…(We) highly recommend this product if you need more space and organization in your attic...”
“…Now we have space to walk without stumbling over bins, and everything is accessible….”
“…What a huge difference!”

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