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“I didn’t need any more Rubbermaid boxes cluttering my attic floor ~ I needed somewhere to securely stack them, and AtticMaxx is IT! Not only did I buy (and easily install) a set in my home, I sent a set to my in laws in the South, who do not have a basement.

Maximizes unused space efficiently. Wish I would’ve thought of it!”

“LisaGee” on the Customer Review Page of Amazon.com


“We have had attic clutter for some time.  It was difficult to get to and locate seasonal items when we needed to, with boxes pilled high, and no organization.  I dreaded looking for anything in our attic.  We were also paying $65 a month for a storage unit for extra space.

We got four AtticMaxx truss shelves to try in our attic.  My husband was busy doing some yard work that afternoon, so I got out a power drill, a level, and an iced tea and away I went!  I hung four shelves in less than half an hour and decided they were great!  I immediately began to move boxes from the floor to the shelves.  Things were already looking so much better!  I was loving these shelves!  So, I bought 12 more shelves and now my attic is fantastic!  I now have 8 shelves on each side of the attic and tons of space.  We are no longer paying for a storage unit because we have enough space in our attic now – we saved $780 over the course of one year!

What’s funny is that my husband could not believe that I installed 16 shelves by myself in a few hours and had made our attic space that much greater. We are very satisfied customers and highly recommend this product if you need more space and organization in your attic.”

Amy H. Martin
North Carolina


“I am so impressed with this product!  Went up with ease and really makes a difference in organizing the attic!  At the same time, great customer service is hard to find, and that’s exactly what I have been shown.  Thanks!”



“The attic looks fabulous. What a huge difference! Now we have space to walk without stumbling over bins, and everything is accessible. You went the extra mile to make the most of our restricted amount of space.

Thank you so much. I will recommend AtticMaxx to everyone.”

Best wishes as your business grows.

Cheryl Harrell, Professional Organizer
North Carolina


“With four children, one car garage and everyone’s stuff I needed to maximize my attic space. The trusses in my attic are rather funky and backwards and my attic space is only half the size of my house.   I installed the AtticMaxx shelving myself, and it was really quite easy except for the ones that I had to install backwards due to my funky trusses…they were easy too, but first I just had to think it through how to make it work.  Now I have shelving on both sides of my attic and on every truss!!!  And I don’t have to unstack boxes to get to the bottom one anymore.  And with the flexibility of the AtticMaxx shelving I was able to work around the air conditioning unit in the attic and the dryer vent.  Thank you AtticMaxx for solving my shelving problems!!”

Deb Zechini, Professional Organizer
North Carolina


“Easy to install. Very practical and light weight. Managed to only use 4 shelves so far. So 4 more to install, hmmm what else can I put up there?”

“Roh” on the Customer Review Page of Amazon.com


“…Our attic was only accessible by a small hatch in a linen closet, so we had pull down stairs and some flooring installed.  The roof peak was a lot lower than I had thought it would be and the space was still very cramped.  Seemed liked we spent a lot of money and still were not going to gain much extra storage.  Then I found your product.  I only bought an 8-pack to get me started.  It was not quite as easy to install as the video showed, but I attribute that more to doing it by myself in the hot, cramped space.  But it wasn’t too bad.  And thanks for putting in extra screws.  I did send a couple of them flying into the blown-in insulation, never to be seen again.  I’ve only used half the shelves I’ve installed, but I’m soon to fill the rest up.  Pretty sure there is another 8-pack order in my near future.

“Prior to purchasing, when the contractor was still working, I showed him your product.  He was like, ‘How come I didn’t think of that!.’ He thought he might make that part of his pitch when doing other attic access jobs.

“Neat product.  Fairly easy to install even in the cramped space I was working with.  Sure is helping, that’s for sure.  For scale… being on my knees and “standing” upright, my head would be jammed in the peak.





“…(We) highly recommend this product if you need more space and organization in your attic...”
“…Now we have space to walk without stumbling over bins, and everything is accessible….”
“…What a huge difference!”

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