“Organize Your Attic” Step Two: The What, When and Where of Getting the Job Done

Organize Your Attic Step Two ChallengeIf you’ve done the prep work we suggested in Step One of our attic organization challenge, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started! Pick a spot near the entrance and work your way clockwise around the attic.

Be ruthless and thorough. Open each box and sort into one of the following categories:

KEEP items appropriate for the attic such as:

  • Holiday décor you regularly use to decorate
  • Off-season clothing you still regularly wear
  • Clothing you’re handing down from one child to the next
  • Furniture you plan to use again in the near future (wood doesn’t hold up well long term in the heat)
  • Archival paper you rarely need (e.g., old tax returns)
  • Luggage
  • Family heirlooms you use infrequently but treasure

TRASH or RECYCLE items that are no longer useful or in functional condition for others such as:

  • Obsolete computer or electrical equipment
  • Paper you don’t need to keep for financial, legal or sentimental reasons
  • Clothing, furniture or heirlooms that are no longer in useful condition

DONATE or SHARE with Loved Ones items that could be useful or functional such as:

  • Clothing you haven’t worn for two or more years
  • “Treasures” you never use and keep just in case…
  • Furniture you’re keeping but do not plan to use

MOVE ELSEWHERE items you want to keep but that do not belong in the attic due to the elements or to frequency of use such as:

  • Photos
  • Candles
  • Delicate or vintage fabrics
  • Books (Silverfish will have a feast!)
  • Sporting goods

Once you determine the items you’re keeping, group like with like as natural categories become apparent. Think of how often you access these items when deciding where to locate them in the attic, keeping frequently accessed items near the door.

WOW! You did it-the heavy lifting is done! Remember to let us know if you’re on board with the AtticMaxx “Organize Your Attic” challenge by commenting below or speaking up on the AtticMaxx Facebook Page.

Join us next week for Step Three as we discuss some of the challenges of attic organization and then, for Week Four, we wrap it all up for the “Big Reveal!”

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