“Organize Your Attic” Challenge Step One: Take Stock, Set Rules and Gather Supplies

Cluttered Attic

Are you ready for the AtticMaxx "Organize Your Attic" Challenge?

Big organizing jobs require a little prep work!

In step one of the AtticMaxx “Organize Your Attic” Challenge, we’ll share preparation tools that will help you get the job done right!

Take Stock of Items Stored in Your Attic

Climb up to your attic and take stock so you can create a plan of attack. Answer the following questions:

  1. What are the big categories of “stuff” in your attic?
  2. What truly belongs in your attic and what belongs elsewhere?
  3. What will you need help moving?


Create “Must Go” and “Must Keep” Rules

Before you start sorting and cleaning, create rules for yourself identifying which items to keep and which items you’ll part with to simplify decision making. Write down these rules and refer to them throughout your attic organization project. For example: household items I do not like and will not use—MUST GO. Clothes that I haven’t worn in two years—MUST GO. Letters from a special loved one—MUST KEEP.

Gather the Supplies

We recommend you gather the following list of supplies before you start sorting, cleaning and organizing:

  • Good task lighting
  • Boxes and garbage bags for donations and trash.
  • Sorting containers (boxes) labeled KEEP, TRASH, DONATE, and BELONGS ELSEWHERE.
  • A pad of paper to write down notes and an inventory of items.
  • Masking tape and a Sharpie for labeling containers.
  • Sticky notes for identifying categories.
  • And if you’re tackling this job alone, an MP3 player loaded with good tunes to keep you motivated!

Another step you can take toward the beginning of your project is  investigate local charities that will accept the clothing, household items, furniture and books you’ll be removing from your attic. Schedule pickup appointments so items can be carted away as soon as possible. If you’re storing items for family members, schedule a time for them to come claim their treasures.

And one last prep task … snap a “before” picture. You’ll want to celebrate your work when you’re done. And, we’d love to celebrate with you!  Let us know that you’re on board with the challenge by commenting below or speaking up on the AtticMaxx Facebook Page. We’ll cheer on your progress step by step.

Come back next week for “’Organize Your Attic’ Step Two: The What, When and Where of Getting the Job Done.”

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