“Organize Your Attic” Challenge Step Four: The Finish Line!

If you have followed us through the first three steps of our “Organize Your Attic” Challenge, you might be amazed at just how great your attic looks. Why not take the final step and do what it takes to keep your attic looking this organized for years to come?

Maximize attic storage space with AtticMaxx Shelving System.

AtticMaxx Shelving SystemWith all the cleaning you have been doing, you might be surprised at the amount of space you now have in your attic. But, did you know that you can create even MORE room in your attic with the AtticMaxx Shelving System?  Our attic truss shelves utilize the often wasted vertical space between attic trusses for easily accessible and stable bin storage space.    The system includes 22” x 22” solid wood shelves with adjustable straps and a swiveling metal bracket, offering flexibility to accommodate varying angles of trusses depending upon the pitch of the roof.   The shelves install in minutes with a screwdriver, level and four screws, and hold up to 50 pounds each.
With AtticMaxx shelves in place, you’ll have an ideal storage place for all of your “keep” items (see Step Two), have plenty of room for walking and avoid toppling towers of totes.

Consider containers.

Speaking of totes, let’s talk about attic storage containers. Avoid cardboard and opt for sturdy, clear plastic containers with good-fitting lids. Take your organization one step further by color coordinating the lids to the season (e.g., red for Christmas, yellow for Spring/Easter, orange for Halloween) and using labels that are temperature and humidity resistant.

Prevent pests.

Seal up any openings you discover, use cedar blocks to deter moths, and make sure there are no food items stashed in boxes (e.g. leftover Halloween candy that might be hiding in a plastic pumpkin!).

Take stock.

Write an inventory of what you’re keeping in your attic and where items are stored for easy reference in the future. Attach this list to the back of the attic door or just next to your attic ladder.

Finally, snap an “Organize Your Attic Challenge After” picture.

Enjoy comparing it to your “before” picture, which we recommended all the way back in Step One! And, keep both of them as an incentive for your next big organization project.

If you have stepped up to the “Organize Your Attic” Challenge, we would love hear about your experience or see your “before” and “after” pictures. Leave us a comment below or speak up on our AtticMaxx Facebook Page.

We hope that 2012 is your most organized year yet!

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