Another Reason to Clear the Clutter

Getting Organized Helps Charities

Getting organized saves time, money and stress.  However, there is an even better reason to clear the clutter:  your trash may be someone else’s treasure! 

In 2010, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm designated January in Michigan as “Get Organized Month,” and signed a proclamation that included: “By getting organized, residents of the state of Michigan…can use their newly found skill to provide valuable goods to charities and non-profits and aid the environment by recycling, reusing, and reducing the purchase of duplicate and unnecessary items.”  

Attic Maxx thinks it’s our social responsibility to bring order to our homes and our workplaces…

One important nonprofit organization, The Vietnam Veterans Association, accepts many new/gently used items, and may even pick up items right from your home or office.   Click the link below to learn more.

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2 Responses to “Another Reason to Clear the Clutter”

  1. Heather M. says:

    Love your product! What a great idea. I also like that you encourage helping others and wanted to let you know of another way to “clear the clutter”. helps keep items out of landfills and gets them to folks who want/need them. Segemented by state and county, it’s really easy to find local people in your area to take things off your hands. I’m not a promoter or anything, just a happy member of the group.

  2. Kay James says:

    I love your organization and they product looks great. I think that would be a great wedding gift or house warming gift. It is so neat and professionally done.

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